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Giovanni Stradano, "Alchimisti", Firenze, Palazzo della Signoria

The iconography of chemistry has always been cared for by chemists because it is an integral part of the disciplinary language. It is Minerva's intention to put on internet a Theatrum Chemicum, available to everyone, where to find the portraits of the scientists, the images of tools and buildings, reproductions of the most famous pages of the chemical literature.

Theatrum Chemicum is divided in sections:

Portraits of scientists

Books and instruments

Nobel prizes in Chemistry


Catalogs of tools and chemicals


The image of nature in the Middle Age

 Minerva was ten years old in the autumn of 2007. You can see the home page  of 1997 which also presents the project (failed) of a site for the Faculty of Sciences, University of Turin.

  The site contains thousands of pages, see the search engine Il sito contiene oltre 1000 pagine. Usate il motore di ricerca! 

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